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Special partner offers for all INDO-MENA Corridor participants

Disclaimer: The following offers can be redeemed as per the eligibility rules & discretion governed by respective solution providers listed below

Mindhouse LAFFAZ IUC Offer

Mindhouse is a leading mind-body wellness platform, offering live guided meditation & yoga sessions, as well as numerous other audio and video resources in their app. Their classes are aimed at helping boost productivity, increase patience, improve quality of sleep and reduce stress & anxiety.

Avail 3 months free subscription to Mindhouse

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Razorpay aims to revolutionize money management for online businesses by providing clean, developer-friendly APIs and hassle-free integration. A fast, affordable and secure way for merchants, schools, e-commerce and other companies to accept and disburse payments online, own a fully-functional current account and avail working capital loans.

Free ₹50,000 Razorpay Credit Points

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SendInBlue 30% OFF

SendInBlue is a complete suite of tools to help your business thrive, including Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Chat, Landing Pages, CRM and much more.

Get 30% OFF for 6 months on your SendInBlue subscription

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WitWork x LAFFAZ - INDO-MENA Corridor

WitWork is a coworking space provider for entrepreneurs and freelancers across the UAE. WitWork’s speciality lies in its sustainability model that turns underutilised properties and cafes into beautiful workspaces.

Get 25% OFF on your Witwork subscriptions

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SendPulse LAFFAZ

SendPulse is a communication platform that includes email, web push, SMS, and messenger chatbots. You can use its editor to create signup forms, email templates and triggered message flows using SendPulse. It offers an attractive grant program for startups looking to promote themselves at the least cost to their startup capital.

Get $5,000 SendPulse grant for Email, Web Push, and chatbot services

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Finimize is a renowned finance community with over 1 million members globally. The offerings include:

  • One Daily Brief, stay up to date in under 7 minutes
  • Access a library of jargon-free analyst reports.
  • Available in audio and text.
  • Tech, stocks, personal finance and more.
  • Exclusive Premium meetups.

Get 30% OFF on your premium subscription of Finimize

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